Vice – CBD: Future of Cannabis Vice – CBD: Future of Cannabis follows KannaSwiss’ Board Member, Boris Blatnik, through the KannaSwiss manufacturing facilities and greenhouse as he disscusses the company’s vision and effort to elevate Swiss cannabis. Boris shares his views on big pharma and how CBD is leading a revolution of natural wellness. Watch to learn more about KannaSwiss […]

Vice – CBD: Light Cannabis This Vice short explores the complex landscape of the European CBD industry. From educational content on the differences between CBD and THC, to an inside into the production of CBD products, to interviews with CBD consumers, this short documentary covers a lot of ground.  Boris Blatnik, Kannaswiss’ Board Member walks us through KannaSwiss headquarters, […]

On the Street with CSE

Watch On the Street with CSE below for a short and sweet interview with KannaSwiss Board Member, Boris Blatnik. Conducted by the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) at CannaTech 2020 in Davos Switzerland, this Interview covers an overview of KannaSwiss’s mission to provide effective, high quality, consumer end products. Boris explains the KannaSwiss process and what […]

CBD Cannabis products by KS with Dinamed CBD – Part 1 This video by Dinafem Seeds discusses cannabis legality in Switzerland and KannaSwiss’ partnership with Dinafem Seeds to commercialize their Dinamed strain to ensure CBD consistency and high quality in each of their products. Watch for a look into KannaSwiss’s greenhouse, which houses over 1000 hemp plants. Among the CBD-rich genetics is the infamous Dinamed […]

CBD Cannabis products by KS with Dinamed CBD – Part 2 Watch CBD Cannabis Products by KS with Dinamed CBD for a look into KannaSwiss’ unique manufacturing facility. A Dinafem representative explains the step by step process that makes up KannaSwiss’ proprietary scientific method of extracting CBD oil from its hemp plants. Being the first completely vertically integrated CBD company in Switzerland, Kannaswiss ensures quality […]

Eyes + Ears presents Legal Hash

Eyes + Ears presents Legal Hash – An inside look into KannaSwiss’ grow rooms, manufacturing facilities, and meticulous production process  featuring exclusive insight from KannaSwiss Board Member, Boris Blatnik.  Watch here to learn more about CBD and KannaSwiss’s vision to disrupt Europe’s legal cannabis industry, as well as a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the brand’s process […]

On the Street in Davos

Davos leaders get an Israeli ‘Cannabis House’





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