In Switzerland in 2014, two close friends with backgrounds in plant sciences and economics came together with a shared vision to inspire people to live healthy & balanced lives, empowering health with natural solutions. Their vision was brought to life and KannaSwiss was born.

Taking innovation to new heights, bringing proprietary science to market, creating unique global partnerships and fostering an environment of collaboration and kindness, the products in KannaSwiss’ portfolio continue to reflect the mission and vision with unwavering commitment.

Today KannaSwiss is a global CBD wellness company. We proudly operate with full transparency, maintaining the family values and ethos that captures the extraordinary spirit of the founders, which is at the heart of the brand.

Our team’s approach to collaboration reflects the open and innovative spirit of Switzerland. Every single member of the KannaSwiss team is vital to our operation, helping foster a culture  that defines the Swissness of our brand. Our unique and diverse team of scientists and experts are responsible for delivering world class products, world class design and ultimately industry leading execution with flawless precision.

Joy to the World - C3, SoftGums, Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract with Organic MCT Oil, KannaClean


KannaSwiss has always produced the highest quality CBD available anywhere.  Continued and ongoing dialogue with regulatory authorities across the world ensures all of our products are safe, compliant and fully legal within all relevant and jurisdictional governing bodies.  

With CBD being classified as a novel food in many European countries, KannaSwiss submitted an application to the Swiss authorities BLW for our CBD isolate 99.6%. In 2020 we expect to attain Novel Food registration in Switzerland followed by EFSA (EU).  Our facility is ISO 22000 compliant and we are able to extract using proprietary methods from cold press to ethanol extraction and also from specific parts of the plant (stem, leaf, flower or whole plant) dependent on what region our products are for. Various markets require different methods of extraction and only for specific parts of the plant in order to make the final CBD product legal.