Why Facebook Just a Bought a Brain Control Startup: Term Sheet

You might remember brain computing company CTRL-labs from my previous interviews with Lux Capital’s Josh Wolfe when I called the startup “freaking crazy.”

CTRL-labs is developing a non-invasive neural interface. What does “a non-invasive neural interface” do exactly? It’s building a device capable of translating electrical muscle impulses into digital signals (see it in action here).

When I spoke with CTRL-labs founder Thomas Reardon in August, he said he was in the midst of raising a fresh round of capital. “We’ve had some important technical breakthroughs in the last six months that have put us in a position to raise more substantially,” he said. One of those breakthroughs, Reardon added, is the ability to non-invasively observe the human motor nervous system at the level of an individual neuron.