Refund & Return Policy

At KannaSwiss, we want to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase so always check your products carefully upon delivery to ensure that it has not been damaged during the shipment process. However, if you are unsatisfied and wish to return an item, send a request for cancellation by email to with details as to why you are requesting a refund, with your order number included in the subject line or main body text of your email. 

The request for cancellation must be sent via email to no later than fourteen (14) after the delivery, and the product returned to us no later than fourteen (14) days after we are informed of your use of the right of cancellation/withdrawal.  You must return the product within fourteen (14) days of receiving it to receive a full refund of the price of the product. Once we have received your product, you will receive confirmation of your refund via email or telephone from the KannaSwiss Customer care team. Please keep your mail receipt as proof of shipment. Costs associated with payment and return delivery will be covered by the customer.

Complaints regarding errors and defects must be reported to KannaSwiss in a reasonable time after the goods have been received. We consider a maximum of 14 days as a reasonable time, unless otherwise agreed. In these cases, we will refund reasonable shipping costs.

You are responsible for the condition of the returned product, and of any decreased value of the goods caused by handling it other than what is necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and function of the goods.  If the item is tested and/or used in addition to what is described above, it is considered used and of decreased value. If it is deemed used and of decreased value, you will receive a portion or none of the purchase amount. It is KannaSwiss who ultimately evaluates and determines the item’s condition upon its return.